Mental Health Advice For Mothers ~Mom With No Plan~

I like to think that before motherhood I took pretty good care of my mental health. Then, one day I want to the ER and found out I was unknowingly 35 weeks pregnant. Two days later I had a baby. My mental health after giving birth wasn’t at its best. I began searching for mental health advice for mothers. There was plenty out there and I soaked up a lot of it. One year into motherhood, I have some hopefully helpful mental health advice for mothers that I’ve learned along the way.

Build self-awareness of your mental health

Sometimes in the business of our day, we don’t check in with ourselves. We don’t take the time to ask ourselves how our mental health is. For some, we may not even know how to. Building self-awareness of your mental health is important in our daily living. Without doing so, you may find yourself ignoring the signs that something is off. If we are aware of where our mental health is we can take steps to address our needs sooner rather than later.

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Prioritize your mental health

When I had my daughter I had convinced myself that taking care of myself was no longer important. I had decided that my mental health didn’t really matter as long as my daughter was taken care of. I quickly learned that my thought process was a recipe for disaster. You can’t be your best for others when you aren’t at your best. I realized that even though I may not have seen myself as important my daughter saw me as one of the most important people in her life. So take the time to prioritize your mental health.

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Self-care is part of mental health

Your hygiene, appearance, sleep, exercise, and emotional well-being all affect your mental health. Taking time for yourself, socializing with others, and enjoying what you love also affect your mental health. All of those things are part of self-care. When those things aren’t taken care of your energy and mood suffer. Your energy and mood are noticeable to your baby and can impact them too! Don’t forget to care for your self-care

Mom With No Plan is a first time mommy who didn’t realize she was pregnant until two days before giving birth to her daughter. When she’s not juggling her newfound journey of motherhood she’s blogging about it. She enjoys a daily cup of coffee, occasional glass of wine, and spending time with her family.

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  1. Taking time to socialize with others is so important because you will have other people checking up on you; making sure you’re alright. I hope you’ve found a few mom friends who you can gab with while your babies play. Xx

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